Food for the Spirit

“The smell of the coffee, the salty, smoky flavor of the ham, the buttery biscuit - it was sensational, Cobby. Closing my eyes, I could almost hear Aunt Jessie Merle calling to Uncle Jack out the back porch. It all combined to awaken a long forgotten memory from my youth - way down deep, deep in Dixie … ”

Pub Notes*

* Originally published in Athens Flagpole Magazine

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Athens Edition

“The pasta was cooked perfectly, the cheese sauce was just the right viscosity and just the right amount of cheesy.”

Spoon university



Strickland’s…the Workin’ Man’s Breakfast

“What’s more, the country ham is actually marinated with coffee to tenderize it. The brilliance then comes in the form of their red-eye gravy – drippings from the country ham. I could have bathed in this."


Best Breakfast and Weekend Brunch Spots in Athens, GA

“Often voted the “Best Breakfast in Georgia,” Stricklands goes beyond filling your stomach with good food by providing a fun and family-like atmosphere to relax and enjoy yourself.”

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